For the last couple of weeks I’ve been putting together some leaflets that will go into a Welcome Pack which we will be delivering to all new residents as they move into Lubbesthorpe.    I’ve spent a bit of time with recent house movers finding out what sort of information would have been useful when they moved, hopefully this will mean it will be helpful to Lubbesthorpe’s new residents.    It will have regularly be reviewed as things can seem to change quite rapidly!   The pack will also contain any information from other local groups and organisations and is produced in partnership with the developers.  Being open to working alongside others is important to helping healthy community form.   We’re here to listen, serve and love the community which means everyone should be included.

The first people will move in at the end of April,  I’ve already met a few of the new residents at a show home opening so have been able to introduce myself.    The plan is to visit them in their new homes after the first week or so to take the Welcome Pack with some small gifts just to say Hi!   Hopefully it will help them settle a bit, assuring them there is someone around to help cultivate a community and helping them to get to know their neighbours.

It will be a little while until I have somewhere to call my own in Lubbesthorpe, the Community Cabin or ‘posh shed’ is well on its way to being designed but the logistics of where it’s going haven’t quite been worked out yet.   It has to be in place by the 50th house dwelling so hopefully no later than the end of the summer.   In the meantime I have some space I can use at the weekends in one of the show home offices.    As summer arrives I will be able to hang around outside as there are some benches on a boardwalk across a pond which overlooks the countryside which I can sit and chat to people on.    Depending on how usable the outdoor space is we may even be able to put on some events outside.  You never know I might even get a tan with it!



Author: Sue Steer

I am a Pioneer Community Worker working with Churches Together in Leicestershire. My remit is to help cultivate community in Lubbesthorpe which is a new town that is being built on the edge of Leicester. Married to Dave we are passionate about exploring different ways of being church. We have two grown up boys who are off exploring life at University. I love yoga, aquafit, walking and gardening, laughing, singing and eating food with friends and family. I'm also a Baptist Community Minister.

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