Shake the Dust off your Feet

Being Lubbethorpe’s Pioneer Community Worker has been mostly great.   New challenge, new place, new people, brilliant.   Whilst there have been some times when things have seemed a bit slow getting off the ground, now it’s picking up pace and it won’t be long until the people move in.  Exciting times.

On the whole the everyone has been really receptive to me and the part Churches Together are playing but occasionally you come across someone who is really offended by the Church, which means me, because I work for ‘the church’.   I often wonder what ‘the church’ means to them.   After all Christianity (and other faith traditions actually) is this whole bag of views and contained within it are many different ways people behave as Christians.    Lately I’ve been pondering how I react when I unwittingly offend someone because I work for ‘the church’ and they think they know what I think or what I’m going to do!


Should I defend myself, try to explain I am not one of ‘those’ Christians or should I water down my Christian roots and just keep quiet and not say anything.    When Jesus sent his disciples out on mission he gave them instructions ‘if people do not welcome you, leave …. and shake the dust off of your feet’ (Luke 9:5).   In reality that isn’t easy to do (and sometimes not practical)  but I think what good advice that is. How much baggage do we hold onto, how often do we try and solve an issue with someone when they simply don’t want to hear what you have to say.   The result is usually you loose sight of the main thing because a small issue has got in the way.   It’s a bit like this blog.   I’ve had some brilliant things happen lately but I’ve ended up blogging about a small thing that is bothering me.    I think this is me getting it off my chest and hopefully moving on.

More exciting news next time but for now proof Spring is sprung and New Life is on its way in New Lubbesthorpe ….




Author: Sue Steer

I am a Pioneer Community Worker working with Churches Together in Leicestershire. My remit is to help cultivate community in Lubbesthorpe which is a new town that is being built on the edge of Leicester. Married to Dave we are passionate about exploring different ways of being church. We have two grown up boys who are off exploring life at University. I love yoga, aquafit, walking and gardening, laughing, singing and eating food with friends and family. I'm also a Baptist Community Minister.

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