Building a Team

At the moment I’m trying to build a team.  People who will join in this thing called pioneering, people who will ‘get it’, people who are happy to not know the end at the beginning.

I love the fact that Lubbesthorpe is a cross denominational project.   I’m very at home in my Baptist roots but have lots of friends who come from different traditions and love the diversity of that so I’m really keen to see that the Team is balanced across a number of different church flavours.   Some might see that as hard work, after all amongst Baptists there are usually more opinions than people and I don’t think that’s different elsewhere, so why on earth would you want to add even more diverse opinions into the mix!   Well I think part of it for me is the belief that every Christian tradition needs to learn what it is to be church in our fast changing world.   None of us have the monopoly on that and we all need hear, learn and respect each others opinions and thoughts.    I hope we will all be able to do just that and take back what we’ve learnt to our different home traditions and maybe see the birth of a new way of being church not only in Lubbethorpe but in other places too.

Initially the team will be a Development Team made up of people who want to help in the early days.    They might leave once we have people who live in Lubbesthorpe join or they might even want to move into the area but ultimately the aim is for the Team is to comprise of those who live in Lubbesthorpe.  Some of whom won’t have a faith or are just exploring, some who might even come from a completely different faith tradition, after all we are of course on the edge of one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the country.


It is often said Pioneering on a new housing estates is about forming community rather than transforming community (which pioneering so often is).    How that community forms will to some extent be affected by the values we model and live by. Loving and respecting all whether they are the same as us or different, whether they have a faith similar to ours or not is I think an important key value to model right from the beginning. There will be more values to be discovered and that will take time as we have people join us and we get to know each other.   I’m visiting people who are interested in joining the Development Team at the moment, that’s quite exciting!   I’m looking forward to having people alongside me who are happy with not knowing the end of the beginning and want to venture out into the unknown!  Happy days.



Author: Sue Steer

I am a Pioneer Community Worker working with Churches Together in Leicestershire. My remit is to help cultivate community in Lubbesthorpe which is a new town that is being built on the edge of Leicester. Married to Dave we are passionate about exploring different ways of being church. We have two grown up boys who are off exploring life at University. I love yoga, aquafit, walking and gardening, laughing, singing and eating food with friends and family. I'm also a Baptist Community Minister.

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